Columbus Day 2020 | Christopher Columbus 2020
Columbus Day 2020 | Christopher Columbus 2020

Columbus Day 2020 | Christopher Columbus 2020

Columbus Day 2020 will be celebrated on the second Monday of October dated 12th October 2020. Columbus Day commemorates the arrival of Columbus in the USA.


Christopher Columbus came to the USA in 1492. He was an Italian explorer. He landed at the shores of the New World; the term used for the islands of USA later. This landing is observed as the day of Columbus Day.

History of Columbus Day:

Columbus Day -Christopher Columbus-journeys of Columbus

Sea journeys of Columbus across the world’s second-largest ocean initiated the European takeover of the Americas Land. Columbus’ first sea journey in 1492 was significant in this regard. Although, Columbus did not reach the mainland of the Americas until his 3rd sea journey.

Columbus Day -Christopher Columbus

During the search for the faster sea route to India and China, he landed on the Bahamas Island. He named this island as San Salvador. He became the first European explorer to reach the Americas. Vikings established colonies in Greenland before him in the 10th century.

In 1906, Columbus Day got the status of an official holiday in the Colorado State. In 1937, USA President Franklin D. Roosevelt made Columbus Day as the national holiday of the USA.

In Latin America and in some Latino communities, the day when Christopher Columbus arrived in the USA is known as the Day of the Race (Dia De la Raza).

Significance of Columbus Day 2020:

Columbus Day is not observed as the federal holiday in all states of the USA. But it is celebrated as the National holiday in many states of the USA. It remembers the day when Columbus first set foot in the USA land. Though Columbus Day is one of the 10 federal holidays in the USA, but it is not considered as the major one.

When is Columbus Day 2020:

Columbus Day holiday is observed every year on the second Monday of October. The date of Columbus Day changes every year but it remains on the second Monday of October. This year Columbus Day will be celebrated on 12th October.

Traditions of Columbus Day:

Columbus Day -Christopher Columbus

The biggest celebration of Columbus Day is observed in New York City. It is celebrated in the form of the big parades. Like other Columbus Day celebrations, Columbus Day 2020 celebration will show a symbolic representation of American-Italian culture.

Communities in different towns host big parades. Guests are served with Italian foods. Communities arrange colorful street fairs with music and colorful dresses.

Indigenous People’s Day:

Indigenous people’s Day is a public holiday in the USA. It is celebrated to give honor to the Native people of the country. This day remembers their historic background and cultures. It is also called the first people’s day. Indigenous Day celebrations began as the counter celebrations of Columbus Day. Some people argue that Columbus has an aggressive history of local Americans.

Some communities which honor Local Americans hold activities including traditional dance performances and Native American cultural events.

Which States do not celebrate Columbus Day:

Out of 50 states, 26 US states do not celebrate Columbus Day. The majority of these 26 states celebrate Columbus Day as the indigenous day.

Colorado State will not observe Columbus Day 2020 as it is replaced by Cabrini Day in 2020.

Controversy about Columbus Day:
Christopher Columbus discovered amerca
Christopher Columbus discovered

Some people argue that due to the Columbus actions, a huge number of Native Americans have been killed at the time of takeover. It is clear that the arrival of the European explorers led to the downfall of the culture and history of the Native American People.

It is also said that Columbus should not be honored for discovering North America. Some people say that he only went to some islands of the Caribbean Sea and not went to mainland America.

These are the reasons why some states do not celebrate Columbus Day but celebrate Indigenous day or Native Americans Day.

Like all Columbus Days, Columbus Day 2020 celebrations will be known to be controversial. It is because of the takeover of the Americans by the Europeans. This takeover resulted in the deaths of the many local American people.

Columbus Day 2020 on Monday 12 October in the United States.
HolidayDateDays until
Columbus Day 2021October 11, 479
Columbus Day 2022October 10, 843
Columbus Day 2023October 9, 1,207
Columbus Day 2024October 14, 1,578
Columbus Day 2025October 13, 1,942
Columbus Day 2026October 12, 2,306
Columbus Day 2027October 11, 2,670
Columbus Day 2028October 9, 3,034
Columbus Day 2029October 8, 3,398
Columbus Day 2030October 14, 3,769

The man who ‘discovered’ the America names Christopher Columbus died aged 55 on 20 May 1506.

The pioneer of the Americas had a solid feeling of heavenly intercession in his life. In his thirties, when his boat was destroyed and he figured out how to get a wooden paddle and arrive at the shore in Portugal, Cristoforo Colombo accepted that he had been by and by spared by God, and there would be different events later when he saw the hand of God in his undertakings.

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