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Galaxy S10 fingerprint flawback to install software patch

Galaxy S10 fingerprint Problem

A  Samsung galaxy S10 Model user in the UK noticed and post a status on Facebook a few days ago, that Samsung device can be unlocked by someone else. It can be simply by putting on a screen protector and applying an unregistered or scam fingerprint. Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint flawback is observed also by other users.

It means if every person were given hold of my cellphone they can access it might be into the economic apps and be shifting finances. she was quoted as saying by the British paper.

A consumer inside the united kingdom instructed the solar newspaper in advance this week someone else can unlock her Samsung tool through placing on a simple display protector and applying an unregistered fingerprint.

Samsung’s spokesperson in Seoul said that the company will soon be resolved and fix, but did not say what caused the recognition problem.

She told AFP. “We are investigating this issue and will deploy a software update soon”.

The world’s biggest smartphone maker has touted the phone’s in-display fingerprint sensor as “revolutionary”.

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Galaxy S10 fingerprint problem

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