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What Is the History of Black Friday?

The term Black Friday was first used in the United States in 1980. This event becomes on the 4th Friday of November. Black Friday history one reason for this name being offered to retailers, usually from January to November was facing a financial loss which indicates in red and the days of profit are shown in black. However, Black Friday in the year 2019 celebration date is Nov 29, 2019.
When Thanksgiving day began to be celebrated as Christmas shopping on the next day Friday, retailers began to call it Black Friday. It is the day after Thanksgiving day.

Black Friday History

Two notoriously ruthless Wall Street financiers, Jay Gould, and James Fisk created a boom-and-bust in gold prices. A crash in the stock market followed as prices fell by 20%. The gold price disruption sent down commodity prices by 50 percent. Tammany Hall’s corruption enabled Gould and Fisk to escape without punishment.
In 1905, the Canadian department store Eaton started the first parade on Thanksgiving Day by bringing Santa on a wagon through downtown Toronto streets. Eight live reindeers pulled the “sleigh” of Santa in 1913. By 1916, seven floats representing characters of nursery rhyme joined Santa in the parade.

Stories About Black Friday

In this regard, Many stories about that day are under discussion these days. It is said that In America every fourth Thursday of  November celebrated as “Thanksgiving”. The next day the people of Philadelphia came to the streets for Christmas shopping in such numbers that the traffic-jammed. The local police called this day as “Black Friday”.

The day when Thanksgiving unofficial started of the Christmas season since the late 19th century when President Lincoln selected the Thanksgiving vacation because the last Thursday in Nov. Prior to Thanksgiving, the next day was not calling as Black Friday, it associates the name on Sept 24, 1869.

thanksgivingday parade

Black Friday Sales History

Starting in the early 2000s, this day in the United States is celebrated as the beginning of Christmas shopping. At this event, most shopping centers are open from morning to night and offer special discounts on shopping items.

Since 2005, this day is becoming the busiest day of the year in terms of purchases.
In 2014, $50.9 billion spent on this event shopping for four days, down 11% from the previous year.

During that time, 133 million consumers in the United States made purchases, down 5.2% from 144 million in the previous year.
Thus, we can say that this day is really the biggest shopping day of the year.




black friday sale

Black Friday in Pakistan:

This event has spread all over the world from the west and for the past few years, in Pakistan too. 
On the occasion, quality goods and items have been sold to the public at a discount.
Different brands reduce the prices of their products. In addition, online shopping also offers a discount on Black Friday.

Black Friday Shopping

World’s largest online shopping stores like Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress including Daraz (Pakistan)  create discount prices before this event.

Black Friday Upcoming Observances Chart:


Weekday Date

2019Fri 29 Nov
2020Fri 27 Nov
2021Fri 26 Nov
2022Fri 25 Nov
2023Fri 24 Nov
2024Fri 29 Nov
2025Fri 28 Nov

Black Friday or Blessed Friday?
Conflict in Pakistan is nothing new on World Day celebrations because we have Friday as a blessed day. Sometimes Valentine’s Day and sometimes Halloween conflicts and restrictions or religious debate are becoming the norm.
The debate on social media in Pakistan and other Islamic countries is getting an intense reaction.
In Year 2016, the first Blessed Day China Electronics Company XIOMI in Pakistan was celebrated and launched the mega-deals. Then the other companies started celebrating this day with the name of Good Friday and Big Friday etc.

Black Friday Public Holiday
Although Black Friday does not have a public holiday, state employees in California and some other states celebrate “Thanksgiving Day” instead of another federal holiday (such as Columbus Day).
Most schools, Thanksgiving Day and the next day is also a holiday on Friday; thus, they celebrate a four-week long weekend. Therefore, the number of buyers increases significantly.

Black Friday in Islam:

Islam made Friday a blessing day for Muslims. That same day, Adam (prophet) was born. Friday also called EID day for Muslims. But despite all this, many people in Pakistan in the West imitate this day as Black Friday. The day promotes using ads, mobile SMS, banners, and other media. In the markets, businessmen in the markets adopt this Western custom and make big sales discounts. Many scholars call this black named day forbidden.

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