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Iranian hackers hacked US government agency website

America and Iran War 

US media claims US government agency’s website has been hacked by Iranian hackers.

According to US media, The website of the Federal Depository Library Program was replaced on Saturday with a page titled “Iranian Hackers!”.Hackers have posted a picture of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the Iranian flag on the site.

According to US media, the hackers wrote in a message that this is just a small demonstration of Iran’s cyber power.

US Reaction:

The president has warned that Washington is targeting 52 sites in Iran and will hit them “very fast and very hard”.

donald trump the killer of muslims

Questions related to the death of General Qasim Sulaimani of Iran and the circulation in your mind

On Friday, the United States airstrikes in Iraq killed Iran’s leading military commander General Qasim Sulaimani.General Suleimani was active in the Middle East, and his death caused a sharp escalation of tensions between Washington and Tehran.

How much of a threat is there to the World War 3?

Even though some people are calling General Sulaimani’s death a declaration of war against Iran by the United States, it is important not to exaggerate the importance of the occasion nor to regard it as unimportant.

This will not start the Third World War. The parties that will likely be involved in any such conflict, namely Russia and China, are not playing a significant role in the current situation.

How big is the Iranian army?

According to a British think tank, the International Institute of Strategic Studies says that there are an estimated 500,000 troops in Iran, of which 2.5 million are in the traditional army and 1.5 million in the revolution.

Qasim Sulaimani: Iranian hero, villain in America

This person was considered powerful after Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the leader of Iran, he was General Qasim Sulaimani.As head of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Party, Sulaimani was the planner for his country’s activities and ambitions in the Middle East, and when it came to peace or war, the real Foreign Minister of Iran.

He was also considered the architect of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad’s war against rebels in the country, the rise of pro-Shiite militias in Iraq, the war against the extremist Islamic State, and many other operations.

Iran announces revenge

Iran has said that the move will be avenged after the killing of US forces in Iraq by General Qasim Sulaimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Task Force.

Qasim Sulaimani, 62, was targeted in an airstrike in his car at the Baghdad airport. Along with him were Iraqi commanders of Iran-backed militia.

The death of Qasim Sulaimani has been confirmed by the guards of the revolution, while the US Defense Department has said that they have been targeted in the presidential order.

Attack on Baghdad airport

According to US media, General Qasim Sulaimani and members of the pro-Iranian militia were leaving the Baghdad airport in two vehicles when they were targeted by a US drone.

According to reports, General Sulaimani arrived in Baghdad from Lebanon or Syria. US drone fired several missiles at vehicles and it is believed five people were killed in the attack.

us drone attack on qasim sulemani

Do Iran Have Missiles?

Iran’s opponents are relatively weak compared to Israeli and Saudi Arabian airpower, but Iran’s missile capability is a central component of its military strength.

According to a report by the US Department of Defense, Iran’s missile force is the largest in the Middle East, and is primarily based on short- and medium-range missiles. The report also said that Iran was testing space technology to produce long-range intercontinental missiles.

What unconventional weapons does Iran have?

Despite years of sanctions, Iran has been able to achieve drone capabilities.Iranian drones have been used in Iraq in the fight against the so-called Islamic extremist organization in Iraq since 2016. Also, according to Russia, Iran has entered the Israeli airspace controlled by drone-controlled bases in Syria.

In June 2019, Iran killed an American spy drone claiming to violate Iranian airspace over the Strait of Hormuz.

Does Iran have the potential for cyber-attacks?

In 2010, after a major attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, Iran began to increase its cyber capabilities.Iran’s revolutionaries are believed to have their own cyber command operating on commercial and military espionage.

In addition, according to a US military report in 2019, Iran has targeted aerospace companies, defense contractors, energy and natural resources companies, and telecom firms around the world for cyber espionage.

Microsoft said in 2019 that a hacker group “present in Iran and affiliated with the Iranian government” targeted the US presidential campaign and tried to get into the accounts of US officials.

Qasim Sulaimani killed in Iraq: US President Donald Trump has a strategy on Iran?

A recent drone strike by US President Donald Trump in Iraq has led to the recent tension between the United States and Iran, killing the highly influential military commander Qasim Sulaimani. What is President Trump’s strategy behind the move, and what’s going to happen next?۔

Donald Trump has repeatedly promised that he would withdraw US troops from the Middle East.

But in their time, relations between the United States and Iran have become more strained. President Trump imposes sanctions on Iran while also ending a nuclear deal with Tehran, which he believes was a mistake.

Pakistan announces not to allow its territory to be used against anyone

Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor has said that Pakistan’s soil will not be allowed to be used against any country.

Military spokesman says news of Pakistan becoming part of an operation against Iran is merely rumor and propaganda and the revival of the US military training program has nothing to do with the matter.

The statement came from Major General Asif Ghafoor after contact with the Iranian general on the US airstrike and contact with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Pakistani army chief.

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