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Iranian women freely attended football match after 40 years


On oct 10,2019. Iranian women Waved flags and clicking selfies, thousands of women attended a football match freely for the first time after decades. 

After the Islamic Revolution in 1979,the men’s matches on stadium banned for women participation .
The issue of antifeminism. in the football match in Iran has surfaced globally when a girl named Sahar Devaari set herself on fire outside the court.
where she  tried to watch football match in man,s costume, The Govt sued her.
After a week later, 29-year-old Sahar Devahari died.
The public criticized much on The Iranian government and increased pressure to allow women. The FIFA World Cup world organization also pressured Iran to allow women to watch the match.
However, the recent decision by the Iranian government has been hailed by Amnesty International (a global human rights organization), as an attempt to get “cheap fame.”Amnesty International organization said in a statement on Thursday, Oct 10.
There were limited tickets issued to female fans. The organization has demanded that all restrictions on women’s participation be lifted.
Women’s Tickets sold out within minutes in the stadium, female fans waved Iranian flags and chanting slogans for their team.
Irani women display flag in football match
More than 3,000 women watched the World Cup qualifier match between Iran and Cambodia. Their happiness was not high when Iran won the match by 14/0 goals.
FIFA said in its statement this week that it is firmly in the position that women in Iran have full access to football matches.The decision was part of reforms under which some women’s laws in the conservative country are being softened.
Girls fan watch this match after fourty years in Tehran Stadium.
In Saudi Arabia, football matches allowed for women last year.

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