abu bakr albaghdadi death-ISIS by suicide attack
ISIS commander abu bakr albaghdadi death-

The Islamic State Has Appointed New Leader And Caliph


Abu Ibrahim Alhashmi al-Qureshi (ابو ابراہیم الھاشمی) has appointed as the new leader and ‘caliph’ of The Islamic State an outlet on messaging service Telegram. The Islamic State confirms the death of its leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

US Special Forces to attack Baghdadi in northwest Syria last week and attacked his compound with aircraft as a result. Baghdadi could not fight because of surround by the US Forces, that’s why The Islamic State leader killed himself with a suicide jacket when he entered a tunnel.

CCTV footage of Baghdadi killing by US forces.

In 2014, Baghdadi declare the leader of the extremist militant group. ISIS took control of large areas of Iraq and Syria because they have modern weapons, technology and wealth, so he imposed its rule over the civilian population.

New spokesman Abu Hamza-Al-Qureshi asked Muslims to swear allegiance to Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashimi.

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Who is Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashimi Al-Qurashi?

Experts say the Islamic State’s jihadist activities and views about the new IS leader is unfamiliar to the world. But Ayman Al-Tamimi, a researcher at Swansea University UK, says that the new leader may be Haji Abdullah. He is an extremist leader and one of the main ISIS leaders.

Haji Abdullah one of the central leaders of ISIS, about which the US State Department said he can be  Caliph to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“Maybe Abu Ibrahim is a jihadist leader we already know, but who may have taken on a new name now.”Ayman Al-Tatami told Reuters(AFP, Reuters, AP).

Global security forces not know Hashemi’s real name. The militant group also clarified that he claims to descend from the Prophet Muhammad’s Quraysh tribe. Something held by pre-modern Sunni scholars. He has a key qualification for becoming a caliph, the religious-political ruler of a caliphate.

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