indian army in kashmir firing on inocent people

Kashmir under lockdown completed 3 months


Indian lockdown and curfew in 90 days (3 months) in Kashmir.

Communication between people still disconnected. 

On Friday, people not offered the 13th consecutive Friday prayers in large mosques.

During the shelling of Indian forces in the Kashmir valley, there were demonstrations that took place and result in various Kashmiri’s injured.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited India and said that the situation in Kashmir is not a good situation, it should change. India is violating human rights continuously.

She expressed the situation in Kashmir that the present situation in the valley is unstable. The situation in occupied Kashmir should be change and lockdown in a region can’t proceed for such a long time. Narendra  Damodardas Modi has become Hitler in Kashmir۔

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

India changed the name of Radio Station Kashmir.They have renamed the name of the radio station in Jammu Kashmir as all India Radio, Jammu.In Srinagar and Leh, the names of Radio stations have also changed as All India Radio Srinagar and All India Radio Leh, respectively.

A presidential decree issued on August 5 revoked Article 370 of India’s constitution that

guaranteed special rights to the Muslim-majority state, and the correct to its own constitution to form laws on all matters except defense, communications, and foreign affairs.

On Saturday, October 26. There were six security persons injured in a grenade attack.The Youth League organized and displayed posters on the main roads against the Indian brutality.The Kashmiri flag is now strictly prohibited to display these days.

According to Many experts, India’s economy is in danger of crashing because of continues Kashmir curfew and brutality that against to Human Right this country lose their moral values.This curfew period is the longest curfew in the history of Kashmir.

People break out of curfew many times come out from their homes and shout slogans against the Indian Army.

india army attacked kashmiri

Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasized this issue on the International Forum. He wants to resolve the Kashmir conflict through the Security Council with the help of United Nations Organizations.

imran khan with donald trump UNO 2019
Imran Khan with Donald Trump in UNO 2019

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