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Lady Gaga falls OFF the stage in Las Vegas show

American singer Lady Gaga went through a dangerously gut-wrenching fall at some stage in her concert in Las Vegas, after a fan she was dancing with, slipped and falls off the stage.

“I can’t believe I got that on camera,” any other fan shared on Instagram and captioned saying, “wait for her to fall!”

Gaga had jumped and straddling a luck guy fan midway through her Enigma show, he accidentally stepped backward and that they plunged to the floor.

Lady Gaga falls off the stage


During her latest Enigma Las Vegas residency show at MGM’s Park Theatre Thursdayan exponent World Health Organization she had invited on stage tumbled whereas holding her and also the 2 fell right into the afraid audience below.

The fan had a hugged girl Gaga before selecting her up, which she embraced by wrapping her legs around him. He then started bouncing together with her in his arms before his knees seem to buckle and he fell off the sting

 of the stage with the pop star in his arms.

Videos announce to Twitter show the fan fell right prime of girl Gaga as afraid concertgoers screamed in distress.

In fan footage shared to social media, Gaga is often seen within the arms of a personUnited Nations agency falls off the stage, taking her with him. 

“So What happened here, Gaga invited a disciple to bop. He picked her up. They each tumbled into the infernal region,” CNN’s Alison Kosik reported early Fri morning. “No Official words on injuries here, however, fans at the show say she popped right duplicate and he or she continues going. She was performing arts and singing.

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