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Who is Tania Aidrus,Why She Chose Digital Pakistan?

Google senior Pakistani executive Tania Aidrus chose digital Pakistan and resigns under patriotism for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s project. Vision Tania Aidrus will lead Pakistan’s first digital vision. However, after arriving in Pakistan, she said that I had been abroad for 20 years wanted to do something for Pakistan. Prime ...

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Indian Chandrayaan2 Vikram Lander found by NASA

According to the US space agency NASA, one of its satellites found the wreckage of Indian Vikram Lander of the Chandrayaan2 spacecraft mission from the moon’s surface. The spacecraft crashed on the moon in September this year. NASA Efforts to Find Crashed Spaceship The space agency NASA also released a ...

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What is Cyber Monday History| Black November?

]Black Friday has been a monopoly on discount deals for decades, but later in 2005, the National Retail Federation introduced another idea for online shopping called Cyber Monday or Black November. It becomes after the next monday of thanksgiving day. Cyber Monday vs Black Friday For decades, citizens of the United ...

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