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Who is Tania Aidrus,Why She Chose Digital Pakistan?

Google senior Pakistani executive Tania Aidrus chose digital Pakistan and resigns under patriotism for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s project.


Tania Aidrus will lead Pakistan’s first digital vision. However, after arriving in Pakistan, she said that I had been abroad for 20 years wanted to do something for Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan made it clear to Tania at the first meeting that the list of issues here is long but you do not have to worry.

Digital Pakistan Targets

Addressing the ceremony on Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Tania worked at Google and did not know how much money she was making but she had made the difficult decision to leave Google.

Prime Minister Imran Khan praised his decision and saying that time will prove that the decision she made today will be a turning point in his life.

Under the plan, work will be accelerated on 5 important stages. Therefore, public Internet access and links will be promoted.

Digital Pakistan Vision ٰIdeas

At the inauguration of Digital Pakistan, Tania said that one of my acquaintances had emailed to Prime Minister 6/7 months ago saying that if you are going for technology and digitalization, then talk to Tania.

According to Tania Aidrus, she did not know about the email, but the Prime Minister sent this email to her correctional team who contacted me.

Then came Jahangir Tareen, who convinced Tania to return to Pakistan and listened to Tania’s ideas and introduced her to government officials. Tania’s first meeting with the Prime Minister was through Jahangir Tareen.

Educational background

Tania Aidrus holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after receiving a BS degree in BioLogic and Economics from the United States.


She moved from the US to Singapore seven years ago when Google had the opportunity to launch Pakistan Google  Products Business.

Tania, a Country Manager working for Asia from 2008 to 2016, was the Director of Product, Payment Forensic Billion User Program for Google.

Future Goals

Tania said that seeing everyone’s confidence, I felt that I too could come to Pakistan and contribute to its development.

She says I have been meeting with all stakeholders for the last three months. There was a lot of meeting with the IT Minister, Secretary IT and his team. All are very supportive. She has the whole team behind the project; we are not working separately. She said that this is with the IT Ministry.

Digital Pakistan Aim

Referring to this program, she said the aim was to create digital talent and literacy.

“If We have to move to science and technology, we have to start at the earliest age,” she said. We also have to teach science and technology in children. She says 4 years after leaving university in Pakistan, young people who are leaving the curriculum are outdated compared to the rest of the world.Due to which they are unable to participate in the global economy.

“If this issue is not resolved yet, we will see its effects in ten to 20 years,” she said.She emphasized that it should make it easier for investors in the country to open new technology companies.

Digital Pakistan Milestones

Addressing those who suspected the success of the project at the end of his address, she said.”Don’t ask us this question whether or not it can happen in Pakistan. How soon will we start it?”.

She later founded Startup Click Diagnostics and served as its director.

Tania Aidrus – Digital Pakistan to digital all province departmental data.

Information About Tania Aidrus

Complete Name 

Date of Birth


Religious Views

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Previous Job

Current Job

Tania Aidrus

24 September




MBA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Urdu, English

IT professional

Former Google Executive

Leading Digital Pakistan Campaign


  • Director, Product, Payments for Next Billion Users, Google.
  • Country Manager – South Asia Emerging Markets. Google
  • Founder and Director, ClickDiagnostics, Inc.
  • Senior Consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton.

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