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TikTok owner Byte Dance now plans to develop smart phones

Tik Tok Company Owner’s Decision

Tik Tok Mobile App that has been gaining popularity on social media in a very short time.It is the fastest growing social media App with about 510million regular active users and 850 million installs.This App is of 3rd most downloaded app in 2019.

The owner Zheng Deming of this company Byte  Dance has announced that is now making a smartphone called TikTok, which will break the records of all the existing smartphone companies in the market.

This will make their unique identity in the smartphone market.Chinese phone developing company  “Smartisan Technology Co.Ltd“. will develop these smartphones.

Byte Dance acquired a number of Smartisan’s patents for Staff and Phone Design for Smartphone Production.The company is currently developing a music streaming service, it just released a messaging app called FlipChat, which is currently only available in China.

The App has increased a large number of  audiences in both Western and Asian that, why it
still earns $ 75 billion, surpassing the famous transport UBER.

China’s ByteDance owner of video-sharing app TikTok booked revenue of $7 billion to $8.4 billion in a better-than-expected result for the first half of the year.

The net worth of Byte Dance company  is $13 Billion.
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