US China trade agreement close to completion

US China Trade Agreement Close to Completion


Chinese, US officials close to finalizing bilateral trade agreement.US President Donald Trump signs a partial trade deal with China next month.
He expressed this in a statement on 11 OCT 2019. This was confirmed by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and the US Department of Commerce’s Office of the Supervisor.
Donald Trump said a partial trade deal with China is underway and expected to be signed in November.
He said that trade complications are losing both major economies of the world and I expect partial trade agreements Will be signed between the two countries next month.
White House says China is under the US trade agreement, says China will increase imports of US farm products.
It will also assist in the exchange of Real Estate, financial services, and currency exchange.

President Trump said China had begun the procurement process. Meanwhile, US Special Representative for Trade Robert Lighthizer says efforts are underway to finalize China-US partial trade ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference in Chile next month.

Remember that a few weeks ago,
Trump announced cost on $ 200 billion of Chinese imports. The announcement also raised concerns from the US and Chinese big businessmen. In response, China also announced  $60 billion increase in imports from the United States.
This trade war worsens the tensions between the two imperialist countries, and this trade war deepens the threat of a new global economic crisis.

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