What Is Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve celebration on 24 december

What Is the Brief History of Christmas Eve,Who is Santa Claus?

Christmas Eve is the evening before Christmas Day which is celebrated on the 24th of December in Western Christianity and the 6th of January in Eastern Christianity. However, it is the tradition that Santa Claus distributes gifts to kids that night.

It is called Christmas Eve because the day after that is Christmas, and according to the Hebrew Calendar, the new date or the beginning of the new day is after sunset.

Christmas Day starts just after sunset, which is why this evening or night is called Night Christmas. This is celebrated in various countries around the world, as it is traditionally.

Santa Claus History:

santa claus appearance

Santa Claus is a fictional character of Western Christian culture who is known for bringing different gifts for good and virtuous children on Christmas Eve.

According to traditions, Santa Claus lives in the North Pole, where no one else in the world knows. He has an army of elves who produce toys all year in the village of Santa in the North Pole.

Santa Claus has 8 deer that fly his buggy on Christmas night. He creates a list of good and bad kids in his village in the North Pole all year, which the elves help him. With this list, Santa Claus distributes gifts to good children and has a partner named Crimps to punish bad and naughty children.

Christmas Eve | Santa Claus.

Santa Claus Appearance:

santa claus gifts for kids

According to tradition, Santa Claus wears a red dress and has a white beard. Almost all the countries adjacent to the North Pole regard Santa as their citizen. Canadians tell Santa Claus home within their boundaries and consider it their hometown.

According to the Danish people, Santa’s house is in Greenland. Likewise, Sweden and Finland are also claiming to be Santa’s citizens.

Santa Claus has different names are St. NicholasChris krynglFather Christmas or short Santa.

Christmas Eve | Santa Claus.

Religious Holiness:

The Christians wake up all night on Christmas. Churches have special prayers and gatherings, and all express their love and sympathy with each other. The poor are especially taken care of. They are pleased with rewards gifts and charities. In addition, women and young girls specially organize banquets and greet each other.

Christmas around the world:

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Christmas is celebrated in various ways in many countries of the world. But in all these countries, there are some basic thongs related to Christmas. For example, praying at sunset, keeping the midnight sacred and distributing gifts to relatives and friends, etc.

Christmas Days are very happy and important days in the Christian CE calendar. Therefore, there are so many festivals and holy days during these Christian years. For example, EID Al-Barabah, Imagination Nirmal, Holy Stephen Day، Holy Nicholas Day، Happy New Year and Feast day, etc.

Christmas Eve | Santa Claus

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