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WhatsApp Business Catalog Feature for Shopping

WhatsApp New Feature Shopping Product Catalog 


WhatsApp  popular messaging platform launched by Facebook has enhanced e-commerce features introduce the latest new feature on its WhatsApp Business App called catalogs. WhatsApp Business Catalog refers to online shopping with WhatsApp business App.

Facebook trying to boost revenue from higher growth Apps like Instagram and WhatsApp which has 1.5 billion users and struggling more to increase in new users.

Recently, Facebook added a shopping feature in Instagram in March 2019 that lets users click a “checkout” option on items for sale and can pay directly within the App.

Whats App Plans

The product manager of whats app, Amrit Pal said that “We are opening commerce as  new chapter”.We hear from businesses every day that WhatsApp is where they meet their customers rather than sending them to a website.

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has announced plans to shift fully company’s focus  to private chats, adding bots and (A.R) augmented reality tools in recent years to encourage businesses to communicate with consumers on its messaging services.

He also said that the last year it would start charging businesses for sending marketing messages on WhatsApp. While, It will be at a fixed rate per message depending on the country for confirmed delivery.

WhatsApp spokesman says, More than 200 businesses are now using that paid product. Free WhatsApp Business service  is using by around 5 million user. WhatsApp catalog feature initially available for United States, India.Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico and Britain users. This service will be implement around the world within next month.

WhatsApp Catalog specifications

WhatsApp catalog can include data such as product images, descriptions,prices, and product codes etc. The company will host these catalogs on its own servers because of their security and privacy. The customers and merchants don’t have to waste storage on their mobiles,tablets or PC systems by exchanging product images etc. However,The shopping catalog feature is available on the WhatsApp Business app only on Android and iPhone.

WhatsApp Business user can create catalogs by heading to Settings > Catalog on the app. They can  add product details, images, prices and more according to given instructions.

ٰInitially,There is no option to buy items from these catalogs. However, given the general direction WhatsApp is directing the  payments systems in every country to full-fledged e-commerce functionality on this platform.

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